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Block Paving Sealing

Most block paving by its very nature is quite porous. Over time this will inevitably encourage the growth of weeds, algae and moss on the surface and between the joints.

The best way of preventing this by applying a good quality paving sealant. As approved installers for SmartSeal paving sealers, we would always recommend the application of sealer to all forms of paving.

Smartseal block paving sealer creates a non-porous resin barrier that will waterproof the block paving, make the jointing sand solid and protect the paving against loss of colour from UV light.

The benefits of sealing are numerous -

  • Inhibits the growth of Moss, Lichens and Algae
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance
  • Makes the surface resistant to staining 
  • Stabilises the blocks and reduces movement
  • Brings out the colours of the paving 
  • Enhances the appearance of a property  

You can see a gallery of block paved driveways and patios that have been cleaned and sealed by clicking here

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