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Patio Cleaning

Our climate creates the ideal conditions for growth of mosses, algae and lichens, making many patio surfaces dangerously slippery following rain.

The porous nature of most paving slabs creates a perfect environment for these simple plants  to grow on the surface, spoiling the look of your expensive patio.

We can clean all types of paving, restoring it to its former glory enabling you to enjoy it, safely, all year round.

Concrete patio slabs, York stone, Indian sandstone, Slate flag stones, can all be cleaned to an as new condition.

This can prove a very cost effective way to improve your property and can be especially useful if you plan to put your home on the market for sale.

Following cleaning, would strongly recommend sealing the surface with Smartseal Patio Sealer to reduce ongoing maintenance.

As approved installers for Smartseal, we will always provide a reliable and high quality service, using the very best equipment and materials

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