Tarmac Drive Restoration imageTarmac Drive Restoration image

Tarmac Drive Restoration

Over time, Tarmac surfaces can become a tired, drab grey with cracks, holes and edge damage leading the owner to consider an expensive replacement. 

Weather and the bleaching effects of the suns rays cause the surface to loose the bitumen binder. Mosses and weeds gain a hold. the surface starts to break up and loose stones become a problem.

Our new Tarmac Restoration System will reinsate the surface to make it look like it was recently laid. At a fraction of cost of replacement.

We repair cracks, pot holes, crumbling edges and replace areas that may have been damaged due to oil/petrol contamination.

The surface is then coated with a bitumen based sealer to replace lost resins and provide a beautiful even matt black finish.

Repairs will likely be longer lasting than the original driveway with the surface only needing a top-up coat on average every five years.

You can see the amazing results by looking at our image gallery, just click here

Benefits of Tarmac restoration:-

  • No need to replace a driveway with a new surface
  • Re-creates the original colour of the tarmac
  • Puts back lost resins
  • Simple and quick to apply
  • Stabilise loose tarmac and stops further 'break-up'

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